Selling on Amazon vs Selling on eBay

I have been selling on Amazon for around seven years and I just started selling on eBay about three years ago. Many people start off selling on eBay because it’s pretty straightforward you find some find you want to sell… Continue Reading…


Tips when getting started out on Amazon FBA

The best thing you can do when getting started on Amazon FBA is just do it. If you are new to Amazon their are only certain categories you can get sell in. So I suggest when first starting out that… Continue Reading…

AmazonSelling Online

Chad’s comprehensive beginners guide to selling on Amazon

This is my new guide to help people that are just starting out selling on Amazon. If your a beginner on Amazon FBA or FBM this guide has all the steps you need to getting started. I also offer 30… Continue Reading…

Selling Online

Increasing your Average selling price to increase your overall profits

Step 1:  Buying higher priced products to sell with Amazon FBA and/or ebay When I first started with Amazon I bought tons of low priced items to sell on Amazon because I could buy tons of them  due to being… Continue Reading…

About Me

I am just a regular guy that finds stuff cheap to buy and sell it on the internet, mainly on Amazon and eBay!


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