Selling on Amazon vs Selling on eBay

I have been selling on Amazon for around seven years and I just started selling on eBay about three years ago.

Many people start off selling on eBay because it’s pretty straightforward you find some find you want to sell and you go to EBay and make a listing and when it sells you ship it out to the customer. It’s really not that complicated.

Amazon really is not that hard either once you get started and get the hang of it, it can be easier than EBay in a lot of ways.

Amazon does have a few more barriers to entry such as having a monthly fee of $39.99 to become a professional seller. This fee is just basically part of your selling fees, you are paying monthly instead of paying an extra $1 per sale if you signed up to just be an individual seller. Another hurdle you have when starting on Amazon is also having to through the process of being ungated in certain categories. It may seem like a burden in the beginning but once you learn this process it’s fairly simple. Basically you just find a wholesale company for the categories or brands you want to be ungated in and buy 10 of the same item and submit the invoice to Amazon.

Once you get through these initial barriers and start selling on Amazon you will absolutely love it and wonder why you didn’t start earlier. Amazon FBA is the best way to run an Amazon business in my opinion. You basically scan in the items your ready to sell to Amazon and ship them to the Amazon warehouse they tell you to and when the items sell Amazon ships it to the customer. It’s pretty awesome watching your sales go up on a daily basis knowing the work is already done and your just sitting back collecting the profits at this point.

In conclusion I recommend all Amazon sellers give Amazon and eBay a shot. I love Amazon for all new in the package items and used books, but I also sell just about everything else on eBay if I can’t sell it on Amazon.

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