Tips when getting started out on Amazon FBA

The best thing you can do when getting started on Amazon FBA is just do it. If you are new to Amazon their are only certain categories you can get sell in. So I suggest when first starting out that you source books and use these for your intial FBA shipments while your working on getting ungated in other categories.

I know your first shipment to Amazon FBA can seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. I suggest following a guide such as mine Chad’s Comprehensive beginners guide to selling on Amazon or even watch YouTube videos on the subject but either way I suggest that you just get started.

Once you get that first shipment together and get it sent in you will realize that you should have done it earlier and that the process is really not that complicated after all.

Here is my online seller resource page that will give you some items that you may need to get your journey started.

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