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Chad’s comprehensive beginners guide to selling on Amazon

This is my new guide to help people that are just starting out selling on Amazon. If your a beginner on Amazon FBA or FBM this guide has all the steps you need to getting started. I also offer 30 days of free support along with the guide. My email and Twitter handle is available if you have questions.

This is a guide to help you get started selling on Amazon. If your new to Amazon or haven’t even signed up to sell on Amazon then this guide is for you.

Table of Contents:

Intro: How I got started selling on Amazon FBA

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Amazon: Pro Account vs. Individual seller account

Chapter 2: What apps and tools do I suggest for

Beginning on Amazon FBA

Chapter 3: Setting up your business for Amazon 

Chapter 4: Basic steps to getting ungated on Amazon 

Chapter 5: Sourcing for Amazon FBA

Chapter 6: Creating a shipment to send to Amazon FBA

Chapter 7: Things to watch out for when you first start selling on Amazon 

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