To promote or not to promote your listings on eBay 

 When I first started out on eBay I listed items just the basic way, I put up some pictures description etc. and just forgot about it. I would just sit back and hope for someone to find my product and get a sell. 

  Eventually while researching how to increase my sales on eBay and watching countless YouTube videos I discovered info on promoting my eBay listings. Basically the eBay sellers I was watching on YouTube were speaking very highly of promoted listings on eBay. After learning how the promoted listings worked I promoted everything to start with and set them at the highest ad rate which I quickly found will increase your sells fast but will also increase your eBay fees really quick and take away from your margins.

  So I decided to dial it back a bit and list any new items at first without promoting them. If items get watchers within the first week or so I usually don’t promote them because I feel like if plenty of people are seeing my listing then why waste the extra capital. 

  I do think they promoted listings are great for items that are slow movers or if you are trying to make a quick sell. If you don’t mind lower margins and you want your items to turn over quicker than listing everything with promoting listings may be the way to go, but I think it’s good to keep a mix within your listings and have some promoted and others not.

  I suggest that everyone that sells on eBay give promoted listings a shot to see if it’s right for your business as o believe it has a place in everyone’s eBay business whether you are promoting a high percentage of your items or just a small percent.

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