How to find the low hanging fruit to sell on Amazon FBA

  When first starting with Amazon FBA  I was happy to buy anything that made profit. This is what I would call the low hanging fruit. I would hit up clearance aisles, discount stores, garage sales etc. I would take any profit I could get, even if it was only $3. At some point I quit looking for the low hanging fruit and leaned more towards trying to find the $10,$15,$20 or even more profit margin.  These higher profit items are great to find but they are also few and far between. 

Now my focus is going back to the way to the way I started out, which was finding good products that make any type of profit. When I talk about good products the first thing I focus on is sales rank. If you are not sure what a good amazon sales rank for a particular category here is a chart that can help you out when analyzing what products to buy. 

  For example I shop for toys a lot and for fast selling items I want them to be 100,000 or under but I will still buy items in the 200,000 and below range but I tend do that when it’s closer to the 4th quarter and I’m trying to build up my inventory before the holidays. This time of year everything sells so fast even buying a little higher rank will not usually affect how fast your item sells. 

  So in conclusion I try to find the fast selling product and I will take even low profits if it’s an item with great rank and if I feel like the price will hold. Sometimes it’s just a gut feeling but if I am only buying 1 or 2 of the item I am more likely to take a chance on a lower profit item. If I am buying a lot of an item I will do a little more analysis of the item and use free tools suck as camelcamelcamel and to check to see what the sales history looks like for the particular product I’m checking out. 

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